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Expert Knowledge

Consultants have acquired extensive knowledge and skills through study and practice over years of experience

High Quality Standard

We believe quality can never be compromised

Practical Advice & Solutions

Provide our clients with practicable advice & solutions to help improve their water systems


Certified & competent consultants who work to a high set of standards

What We Can Provide

Water Safety Plans &
Written Schemes

The Water Safety Plan or Written Scheme identifies roles & responsibilities for all tasks to control infections from the water systems.

This plan has to be site specific and include details of:


Our risk assessments can include highly detailed schematics that show all parts of the systems, including isolation valves, strainers etc.

These schematics can be CAD format or basic line drawings.

We can review and edit the As-Fitted/Built Drawings for water systems or create new ones if required.


Waterman Environmental Group Provides:

Tender Writing Services

Waterman Environmental Group can:

Policy Writing

Water Hygiene Policies have to be created and implemented to demonstrate a company’s commitment to protecting water quality and ensuring adequate resources are made available.
These policies should detail all personnel involved in the water systems.

Water System Designs

Review and Advice on:


We can provide Complete System Review by:

Identify Risks created by incorrect

Advise how to Rectify these issues

Audit the controls

Risk Assessments

All of our Risk Assessments are:

We can carry out Risk Assessments on all types of water systems such as:

Authorised Engineer

Waterman Environmental Group Provide Authorised Engineer Services.

Our Authorised Engineers:

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Our Clients